Can You Charge iPhone 12 With Old Charger?

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The standard USB charging brick does not come with the iPhone 12; only one cable is included in the box (a USB-C to Lightning cable.) You can still charge your iPhone 12 using your old charger, provided it has an old-style USB-A port. 

Fans of the Apple smartphone series were surprised with the Apple iPhone 12 series launch as it came with no charger like the other previous series. Many believe it to be a tech giant’s marketing strategy to allow users to spend extra to get the out-of-box charger.

However, we have seen the rising rate of questions asked by iPhone 12 owners on whether they can charge the device using the old charger of the previous iPhone series bought.

While it is no news that old chargers may be compatible with the MagSafe charge function of the device, there are still uncertainties that need to be cleared.

How fast is the older charger on iPhone 12?

While it is possible to use an older charter on iPhone 12, keep in mind that it won’t charge the device as fast as the recommended Apple 20W USB-C charger for iPhone 12 would. 

You should get a 50% charge in half an hour or less when using the latter. The iPhone 12 will spend a lot more time charging whenever you charge it using USB-A.

Why does the iPhone 12 have no charger?

The Apple iPhone 12 series do not come with the adapter, but the old lightning-to-USB-C cable is present in the box. If you are using Apple phones for the first time and starting with the iPhone 12, you need to spend more on purchasing a new one since you don’t have the old charger. 

The main reason why these series do not come with chargers, as revealed by Apple company, is because the company aims to reduce the size of the box. Smaller boxes help Apple reduce yearly carbon emissions, but they also help ship more of the products.

Adapters are not only the things absent in the box; Apple also omitted the inclusion of earphones or cases, so you’ll need to purchase them separately.

Using existing charger for iPhone 12 – What you should know

If you want to get the best charging capacity for your newly purchased iPhone 12, it is best to use the included USB-C to Lightning cable and not the USB-A from older models. However, you can also use any other USB-C Lightning cable for the best result.

In this connection, it is ordinarily expected that iPhone 12 users invest in apple’s 20W USB-C charger (more on this later) or any other reliable similar third-party chargers available online.

Your iPhone 12 will charge faster using the included USB-C cable and USB-C charger adapter.

Nevertheless, you can improvise by using existing chargers of your previous iPhone series, the USB-A to Lightning cables if you have them. However, with this consideration, ensure that your charger has then old-style USB-A port on it to make it compatible.

If you used older iPhones before the 12 series, you already have these existing chargers. It is safe to use an existing charger for your iPhone 12. It will not damage the battery of your iPhone 12, but it is not the fastest charging approach.

To put things into perspective, it can take you about two to three hours to charge your iPhone 12 using USB-A (existing chargers), whereas using the included USB-C cable and adapter will only take you half the time.

Why is this, though? After all, they are all Apple products for the iPhone series, aren’t they? You may ask.

Well, understand that the capacity of the iPhone 12 battery is bigger than what the USB-A cable and charger can transmit, which commands more power. Since newer iPhone products are equipped with larger and stronger batteries, Apple is improving on speed in the changes produced (and sold separately) to charge them faster.

What are the ideal chargers to use for my iPhone 12?

The idea that you have to shell out extra bucks to get the charger for iPhone 12 may not go well with some Apple fans. So, it is expected that you may be looking for aftermarket options online (and there is no problem with that)

But while you do so, you want to make sure you are spending your money on the right charger that is safe and compliant with the power values of your iPhone 12. Below are the two ideal chargers I use and can recommend for your iPhone 12

UGREEN Mini 20W USB C Charger

Get it for $12.99 on Amazon.

I prefer this charger after I get my iPhone 12 for a few tangible reasons: Mini Fast Charging, it is Safe for the device, better and Sturdy, and then it is Compact and Durable. Apart from that, it has a smart Charging Feature and is very versatile for other Apple iPhone series like iPhone 13 and some of its Airpods versions.

You’d appreciate the flame-retardant feature and the ability to withstand 5000 plug-ins and outs. It is simply an irresistible option you should consider.

Hallock Wireless Charger with MagSafe 

Get it for $34.99 on Amazon.

The iPhone 12 features a magnetic area on the back of the device, which is the MagSafe. It allows for fast wireless charging up to 7.5 watts. 

For the best wireless charging, you want to go for MagSafe chargers like this HaloLock wireless that has been designed with the iPhone 12 series in mind. I like the slim and compact design that doubles as a night lamp.

Apart from that, the soft status light of the device turns off after a minute so that you don’t get disturbed by the light. It is a major challenge people have with some wireless chargers these days.

As icing on the cake, it is reasonably priced.

In summary

It is not bad that iPhone 12 doesn’t come with a complete charger set, only the cable. At least, not on the part of the overall packaging. 

Thankfully, you don’t necessarily have to spend that extra cash to buy the separate USB-C adapter to match the included lightning-to-USB-C cable to charge the iPhone 12.

Using an old USB adapter to connect it to the charging cable and power up your iPhone 12 series is safe and possible. 

Remember that it won’t be as fast as using the recommended charging devices.

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